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Shaping European Life Sciences with AI

There is a great deal of hype and a lot of misconceptions among life science experts as to how AI can or can’t be applied in pharmaceutical research and business. Judging by the rapidly increasing number of AI-involved deals and partnerships tapped by big pharma recently, it becomes obvious that life sciences decision-makers are eager to understand what this new and disruptive technology can bring to the table, and how it can be adopted efficiently with tangible ROI.

In order to get valuable first-hand insight and new ideas about the technology and its emerging role in the life sciences industry, I have asked several questions to Dr. Loubna Bouarfa, Founder and CEO at ​OKRA Technologies ― a leading AI company for healthcare, which builds a sophisticated AI-driven engine specialized in supporting faster and more accurate decisions for life science executives and field teams. Loubna is also a member of the European Union AI High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) and the winner of several prestigious awards, such as MIT Innovator Under 35 and Forbes Top 50 European Women in Technology. Last year, OKRA was named the Best Female-Led Startup at the StartUp Europe Awards.

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