By AlgoTransparency

With Guillaume Chaslot et al.

We want to see which information the YouTube algorithm is showing to people. This algorithms is responsible for more than 700,000,000 hours of watch time every day, and it is not fully understood, even by the people who build it.

AI in the service of climate



By Vinnova

The offer is aimed at those who want to carry out the project that, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), contributes to Sweden having no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045 or to adapt society to the climate changes we cannot prevent. The call for proposal is a joint effort by Vinnova and Formas.

AI For Social Good



By Intel

We impact the world in two ways: Support social good organizations with AI technologies and expertise to accelerate their positive work in the world. Research and support efforts to ensure AI is more transparent, less biased, and more accessible to all.

AI for Health




AI for Health, a new $40 million, five-year program to empower researchers and organizations with AI to improve the health of people and communities around the world. The program is underpinned with a strong foundation of privacy, security and ethics, and was developed in collaboration with leading health experts who are driving important medical initiatives. AI for Health is the fifth Microsoft AI for Good program, a $165 million initiative to empower researchers, nonprofits and organizations with advanced technologies to help unlock solutions to the biggest challenges facing society today.

AI for good program



By Gramener AI Labs

With Ganes Kesari et al.

At Gramener, we take pride in our work on ‘AI for Social Good.’ We work with state-of-the-art techniques in areas such as computer vision, geo satellite analytics, natural language processing and data storytelling. We apply these techniques to solve problems in environmental conservation, to protect biodiversity and to tackle humanitarian challenges.

AI for Good accelerator programme



By Microsoft

The AI for Good 2020 accelerator program helps purpose-driven ventures in Israel advance their AI solutions to create positive social transformation. Microsoft for Startups Israel and TechForGood will be selecting 12 organizations committed to a social mission to join this fourteen-weeks program.

AI City Challenge




The NVIDIA AI City Challenge has been created to accelerate intelligent video analysis that helps make cities smarter and safer.

50 Reefs



By The Ocean Agency

With Richard Vevers et al.

50 Reefs, an initiative run by The Ocean Agency, combines advanced imaging technology with AI to gather and analyze images of shallow-water reefs at scale, and within seconds.